Votadini Lodge & Country Retreat

" .....Discovering the Magaliesberg ....... " where friends meet up, unwind and becomes part of the family!




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Cottage 1:     Misty Mountain ~ Serviced unit (Sleeps 2)

Cottage 2:     Feather Nest ~ Serviced unit ( Sleeps 4 in two separate rooms)

Cottage 3:     House Martin~ Serviced unit (Sleeps 2)

Cottage 4:     Small Robin ~ Serviced unit(Sleeps 2)

Cottage 5:     Gentle Dawn~ Serviced unit (Sleeps 4 in two separate  rooms)

Cottage 6:     Red Pebble ~ Serviced unit (Sleeps 2)

Meals are not include in the rates: All meals to be paid with establishment

Serviced units: No meal plan for the room. Meals provided my establishment on request.

Daily cleaning of room provided on request

Please book meals and extras 48Hrs in advance!

Buffet Breakfasts R130

Buffet Dinners R250

Additional Firewood R30

Additional Firelighters R30

Additional cleaning services R150


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